Big Splash Social helps you make more sales through integrated digital marketing.

We are a digital marketing agency that takes the time to understand your business and develop an multi-channel marketing strategy that grows your bottom-line.

*Mini-audits analyze one social profile and your website. We'll outline improvements and flag critical aspects. This is a great way to see if your current agency is serving you well or full of BS!

Big Splash Social Client - Sozo Jewelry Designs
Big Splash Social Client - Fusiontech
Big Splash Social Client - La Sortie / The Way Out
Big Splash Social Client - Academy of Jazz
Big Splash Social Client - Redcage Solutions
Big Splash Social Client - Durban Dog Hotel

Our Digital Marketing services are different, on purpose.


Our primary goal is to steadily multiply the revenue of businesses through integrated marketing strategies. We were frustrated with the shallow marketing services so many provided, that's why we started Big Splash Social.

We want to provide customers with true marketing expertise integrating multiple platforms that work together as a unified force

- Anneline

What are the benefits of integrated digital marketing?

Integrated marketing is the term given to a selling system that uses multiple marketing channels to convey a unified, consistent message to consumers. Also known as multi-channel, cross-channel, or omni-channel marketing. Single-channel marketing is not effective and does clients a disservice.

Here are just 3 of the many benefits of integrated marketing:


Customers acquired through multi-channel marketing spend up to:

0 X more

than single-channel customers.


Conversion rates increase by:

0 %

making your return on investment better and faster.

BETTER retention

It allows you to engage with your customers more frequently and in different ways, building brand


Multi-channel digital marketing offers a seamless experience for customers whether they are seeing your brand on social media, Google, press releases, billboards, direct marketing, employees etc.

See more integrated marketing definitions from the DMA (Data & Marketing Association).

Sarine from Sozo Jewelry Designs

"When a service provider is all about watching you soar, you know you're in good hands!"


Digital marketing services expertly delivered to grow your business.

We've listed our marketing services to highlight that we're a full-service marketing agency, however we engineer a custom integrated marketing plan for our clients using a mix of these.

Supporting Services:

Graphic Design

Digital + Print Design


Video Creation


Sales Copy + Blogs

Press ReleaseS

Copy + Distribution

*Mini-audits analyze one social profile and your website. We'll outline improvements and flag critical aspects. This is a great way to see if your current agency is serving you well or full of BS!

Stephen Rosen from Health Plus One

"Big Splash Social's dedication to their clients and work ethic is amazing."


4 ways to work with Big Splash Social.

Choose the marketing solution that works best for you. You can always change or add as you grow.


If you are looking for guidance or advice, book a consultation. You can start with 1hr and book more as and when you need it.

Marketing Consulting Details >>

Company Training & Speaking Events

We offer company training where we up-skill your marketing team and help better align sales and marketing. 

Strategy Creation

We create a strategic marketing plan for your business. Your internal team can then execute on it step-by-step.

Marketing Execution

We do the actual marketing work! From planning to implementing. We act as an extension of your marketing team.

Based in Mississauga and serving businesses that value true marketing

​​​We serve business of all sizes who understand the importance of digital marketing. If you are willing to experiment, push the envelope, and be in it for the long-haul to get consistent quality results, then let's work together!

Although we're based in Mississauga (with a presence in Toronto), we serve clients throughout the GTA, in Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Milton and Guelph.

We also have clients in Montreal, Hong Kong and South Africa... distance doesn't have to be a show-stopper these days!

Answers to FAQs

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Have more questions? Email, text, or call us on +1.289.627.5570.


"Big Splash Social has been instrumental in turning my business around to provide just the right positive image we needed at a crucial time."